Interested in a chance to becoming a Brand Representative for

Turnt Society™?

As a TS Brand Rep, you will be responsible for portraying the company image and message by showcasing you in our apparel on various social media platforms in a positive light. The aim is for you to represent our lifestyle clothing brand through your influence to create brand awareness. You will also be directing traffic from your followers and potential customers to our website to generate sales with your custom unique Promo Code. 


  • MUST BE FOLLOWING: @turnt_society on Instagram, @turntsociety on Twitter, and LIKE us on Facebook.
  • Followers: 1K+ on Instagram. (Additional followers on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. will be a PLUS)
  • Age: 17+ (If below 17, you must have a huge following of at least 10K+ on Instagram or another social media platform)
  • Must have High Quality photos or videos on your Instagram.
  • Passionate individual, posts consistently, and has a fashion sense.


  • Become featured on our Instagram Page, Website, Facebook, and more!
  • Earn up to 50% commission on the profits of every sale coming from you!
  • Have an opportunity for free products and potential full sponsorship!
  • Turn up a part of your life through us!
  • Grow with a lifestyle brand and become IG famous over time!
  • Build a modeling or influencer portfolio for other ventures you may encounter!

Please copy and paste this to fill out the form below if you meet our requirements. You will receive an email from us WITHIN 7 DAYS after our team has reviewed your application and decide you would be a great potential fit. Best of luck!

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Do you currently promote any other brands?: 

      If yes, what kind of compensation are you receiving?: 

Why we should choose you:

What you think our brand is about:

How you can portray being "TURNT" in Photos/Videos: 

Unique Promo Code Name:

example) "TURNTSOCIETY20"