Turnt Society was founded in early 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

Our goal is to make an influential impression on society with our turnt up mindset.

We want to deconstruct the negative connotations associated with the term turn up by encouraging others to live their finest & most enjoyable life.

Today, there’s a lack of streetwear brands that truly encompass themselves in
other realms of life outside of fashion.

As streetwear enthusiasts, we thought:

What better way to share our idea of a healthy and memorable turnt up lifestyle than creating a streetwear brand that embodies our definition of turnt?

Through designing & creating a lifestyle streetwear brand that is more than just
comfortable fabric on the body, we are able to be innovative, ethical, & meaningful
in all aspects—from the way we design our garments to the way we treat those
around us.

What can you do to turn your life up? Everyone’s path is different, so that’s entirely up to you.