Turnt Society™ represents a society with a "Turn It Up" mindset towards life.

We are given one life to experience. Thus it's important for us to experience everything we can, make memories, and even daring adventures. 

Because, once it all comes to an end, life was all about the memories we remember in those last moments..

So what do we mean by living life "Turnt" or "Turn Life Up"?


When people hear the word Turnt, more than likely due to social stigma, people usually think of it to mean getting f*cked up, wasted, drunk, etc... However, we believe turnt should be taken into a whole different context for what it really should mean.. Our belief of being "Turnt" is like turning up the volume.. except in one's life, whether it means living it with a higher degree of happiness, meaning, and impact. To live life and make great, positive memories & experiences is important since we are all given only one life to experience. Living life to its fullest is very important in a life we are given once.. And that's what we wish to share and represent among society. Life's short, turn it up.

We are Turnt Society.